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If a man loses the sensitivity of his taste receptors, he does not understand and 

he does not enjoy what he eats.


And while he could  adapt to his new "tasteless" life, he is likely to look for ways to solve his problem.


Mental health issues need a similar treatment.

About me

My name is Elena Rubtsova and I am a certified psychologist. I started studying psychology from the Gestalt approach in Moscow (where I am originally from), continued with a degree in Psychology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece and am currently doing postgraduate training in the Systemic Approach of Family Psychotherapy at the Institute of Family Therapy London.

More professional certificates:



Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

(British Institute of Mindfulness): 

Couples Therapy: Overcoming Challenges

(Harvard University online)



Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders

(Online training in schema therapy)



Psychopathology through the lens of the contact cycle

(Gestalt Institute and Psychodrama Moscow)



Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist - Individual (CCTS-I)

(Arizona Trauma Institute & Udemy)


I specialize in dealing with panic attacks and anxiety, two classic issues of big city life with their demanding environment, successful and responsible people and overprotective parents.


More specifically I work with:


  • post-traumatic stress, 

  • panic attacks,

  • anxiety disorders,

  • hypochondriasis,

  • self-esteem issues,

  • codependent relationships,

  • communication problems,

  • feelings of jealousy, shame, anger, 

  • gender identity issues.

In the context of online psychotherapy I do not work with:


  • substance addictions, 

  • severe psychopathology and personality disorders,

  • psychosomatic dysfunctions in case they are the main and only issue.




I currently do work with patients in Europe and England.  Due to limited availability periodically I am unable to work with new patients. In these cases I recommend using the self-help Manual of Self-Esteem, the articles on this website and self-help content from my Instagram account.

About the psychotherapeutic approach


I support the principles of Gestalt, Schema therapy, existential and systemic approaches.


I use tools from various psychotherapy approaches I have trained, without strictly pursuing the "purity" of a particular method.


I support the idea that there are no absolutely "right" decisions and choices, just as there is no one objective and universal truth for everyone, but we can create an individual appropriate solution for each or us.


The route  I usually follow at individual psychotherapythat is:


  1. to observe the source of the discomfort 

  2. to identify present needs and desires and

  3. to find ways to meet those needs while maintaining, if possible, peace and stability of relationships.



Change in behaviour and revision of personal values is not an initial goal, but often comes as a natural outcome of the psychotherapeutic process.

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