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People get upset not by the events but by their perception of the events

On a Video Call

Individual online 
session 50'

Online session lasts up to 60 minutes (50 minutes according to European standards and 5-10 minutes in case of disconnection)

40 £

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Individual online
session 90'

This type of session is suitable for: 

  • First meeting (with detailed history taking)

  • Work with a recent traumatic experience

  • A state of intense anxiety

55 £

Couples Therapy

Couple therapy
online 90'

Session is based on Systemic Family Therapy: 

  • Identifying the topics that have to be addressed

  • Work with communication issues, conflict resolution, intimacy concerns

  • Provide guidance on how to implement newskills in real-life situations

75 £

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