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Οδηγός Self-Esteem Guide (PDF)

Οδηγός Self-Esteem Guide (PDF)


Digital self-help manual created in the format of a workbook

  • Description

    • explains in a simple manner the complex psychological phenomena around self-esteem
    • reveals the false beliefs that lead to dysfunctional behaviours
    • includes techniques for dealing with anxiety, shame, inner resistance and many other practical exercises
    • suitable for people with a wide range of self-esteem difficulties, regardless of gender and age
  • Helps

    • to learn to listen what you feel and what your needs are
    • to manage the desire to "please others"
    • to observe where your limits are
    • to building closer relationships
    • to form the relationship with the aspects of your character and appearance that you have always wanted to change
    • to understand how you actually operate and why
    • to feel more secure
    • to create an inner stability
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